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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Great crash vid, Happy!
Glad you didn't wreck the camera, or the bike much, and of course, yourself.

Ha! I feel like 'The Dude', listening to your soundtrack while I was doing something else at the table... 4 stroking along... heck, mine is FAR worse!
...and we gotta get you to loosen up your throttle cable or lower the idle just a tad.

I'm a highly experience HT mekanik now... lol my ht will idle nice ! lol
It's ALL tore up now for the clutch work. Will get back to speed improvements once that is resolved...

I've tried SO many times to watch the goat's 10min video but always have trouble with the feed. WiFi... Oh well...

Those are GREAT WIDE tires GH has got... I looked at his tube link.
mebbe I float a bank loan to get set up that way... :-)

Hey! Anyone wanna talk abt their camera and video technique?
I got a old panasonic that uses a DVtape... but never even tried to get anything over to the pc... I'd like to ! Guess I don't know nuthin abt it.

Really enjoy the vids when my link is flying! Tnx!
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