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Default Re: Oil/gas mix - What is correct and does it very?

Originally Posted by sofasurferlinux View Post
My manual for chinese Jet Silver 80cc says to start with 16:1 and after breakin use 20:1. They are saying to go from more oil to less oil. The forums say to start with 20:1 or so and progress to 40 or 50:1, unless I and misreading something.

Can someone verify the proper mixes and explain what they do?
Do they very from motor to motor?
Does the octane rating in the gas matter or do we just use whats available?
And a little extra learning...Why does a car engine have massive amounts of oil being thrown all over everything but a 2 cycle only needs an amount that is virtually undetectable? They still work like **** and build up as much heat as ****.
16:1 is unnecessary. 24:1 is a good break in ratio, and after break in 32:1 is where ya wanna be.

The reason you want a higher amount of oil for break in is this.
Metal is pourous, as in it will soak up liquids. Cast iron cookware is a great example of this. In addition to wanting to "cure" all of the metal with the heavier oil mix, the extra oil in the mix will give you added compression - which helps your rings seat properly.

As far as the car engine - cars reuse oil, and you want a higher amount so that it lasts longer. As well, do a gas tank comparison to the 2.5L tanks on china motor bikes and you'll see there's not that much a difference.

And as far as "virtually undetectable". Go make some koolaid. It's a tiny little flavor packet, but wow does it do something to the entire mix. When you introduce oil to gasoline, the oil thins out across all the gasoline.
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