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Default Re: first motorized bike build (new to forum)

I'm sure drilling would probably be fine, but I chose to mount it without drilling. Had nothing but success from that decision! If you decide to go the non-drilling route, I really recommend using rubber padding. Others around here claim that it's a bad practice, but I've found no negatives from it. My engine has stayed firm in place and I never have to tighten the nuts.

It really depends, as far as your school is concerned. When I was in high school, my normal bike was often sabotaged. But it really depends on your school. Maybe talk to your principal or someone with authority to get permission first. There was a guy at my high school who rode a pocket bike to school and it didn't seem like he ever had problems with people wrecking or stealing it.

I've heard that barbecue paint works well for heat/fuel resistant paint. If you haven't already chosen a chrome paint, that might be the way to go.

Oh, also remember to port match your intake and exhaust. If you haven't found this out already, the hole on the exhaust pipe is quite a bit smaller than the exhaust port on the engine. Same goes for the intake neck. I took a dremel to the exhaust pipe and intake neck to make the holes wider to match the engine ports, making for better airflow. I don't have exact mph measurements, but I noticed a slight increase in performance!

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