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Default Re: anyone hear own one of these?

That was real eye burner back in the late 60's. I was just a pup then, living in Jacksonville FLA, we were at the boardwalk and their was a vendor renting these bikes out, they all had the cub engine on them. Everyone thought he was out of his mind charging $5.00 for half day rentals, heck, that was only 4 hours of time.
He told my parents the units cost him a good dollar for the investment, he wasn't going to take a chance of being robbed. His stable was nearly empty on good days back then. His best customers were sailors and their dates. It would cost these young men nearly $15 for the date, but my dad always said those young men had socks full of money and no where to go while out at sea.
I always laughed at his short ones, but as I grew older, they really started to sink in as I too was in the same spot as them men years ago.
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