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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by retromike3 View Post
waiting for my new pair of thorn proof tubes for my MB. Haven't seen them for a few years. I hate fixing flats and I am no fan of slime. last time I used thorn proof tubes and tire protectors on my commuter bike I wore a three inch bald spot on my tire and I still did not get a flat.

I don't see as well as I used to, so I have a harder time spotting those bits of glass and junk in the road. I used to ride one of my bikes with sew-ups for a thirty mile commute(I used to be thirty pounds lighter to) without worrying about flats.

I should get it by next week and will se if they work as well as I remember.

So your riding around on thin tubes aye. Speaks volumes about your terrain. I had Continental Town & Country Urban Bicycle Tires Good 2.4mm thick tubes with liners and got a flate in to days from a Goathead sticker. and I always tried to avoid them. These are nice thick scabbed tires too. Got the puncture at an angle by the scab tread from the side wall.

I put my Favorite Slime Sealant in there never touched it again.

I personally cannot imagine ever riding around ''especially uber speeds on a Motorized bike'' with a frail thin tube! To me that goes along with riding without a helmet. Real Motorized vehicles don't come with such a thin tube.

I have been riding around for 4 weeks now on a bald rear tire on my BoXer bike. That's the one I pulled the two now nails out of. Little carpenter size picture nails. Same tube Same tire no tire liner its holding air perfectly. No fuss no patch kit no mess.

Nails glass those are absolutely the least of my worries. Its nice to no I have protection tho. Its the stickers here that are absolutely brutal.

I am simply gonna put the very same tube in a new tire
Next round I will go all new again.

A decent tube adds considerable strengths to a weak tire!

I peddled a none motorized bike home across town once carried on my shoulders, Bars Back pack a new H.T. and a J shaft kit a hanging precariously. ''A complete bike with down hill forks still attached'' Had it hanging around my neck and shoulders by the frame. Figure that had to be more than 300 pounds with me on the bike easy. I am the big lumber jack fellow.

What is a pinch flat and what is a patch kit I forgot? Have not seen those in years now.

Cute little buggers but I got no use for Gerbils. Ha Ha

Still gotta have a since of humor.
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