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Default Re: Hi! New with raw 80cc

so lemme update.

and just for the record im very wel versed in bike building and looking for bike parts. the reason i asking questions is because i dont know as much about the kit mechanics.

so anyway i fixed the forks and threw on a front rim. then i filled it up with gas but there was a few leaks from the carb and fuel filter. i tightened up the screws on the carb and bought a new fuel filter from auto zone. had to put a new fuel line on also. it still leaks just a drip every 30 seconds or so when fuel is on tho. then i started it up and it ran pretty well. initial acceleration makes some poping noises but i chock that up to not having a muffler on at the moment and the fact there is no idle screw so there is no idle. it just dies if im not giving it gas. it runs strong and has power when i gas it gas tho. i didnt go full throttle tho because honestly it has to much power for me to feel comfotable on with the shotty bike.

current issues are:

no idle screw- idk if i can find just the screw for replacement? can i just use any old screw that threads up?

i need to purchase a exhaust/muffler- no big issue here just need to purchase.

i plan on also buying a hardware kit to replace the shotty hardware but i was wondering if i do so and i take apart the engine will i need to get all new gaskits too? is sealer normally used for the gaskits on the engine?

also because of my carbs slight leaking problem should i think about rebuilding or possibly purchasing a replacement(which would solve my idle screw problem)

these are the questions........who has the answers?
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