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Default Re: New 4 stroke motor...........

Alright then I know I will be going with the 3hp engine when I'm ready for the nice FD, I just finished my home built one today, it is a 25cc 2 smoker and it has ZERO GRUNT..........pretty sad actually, but it is what it is and it does what it does, it will hit about 25mph on the flat wityh my 200lb butt on it so Iguess it will be OK on the pavement where it is flat,but hills kill this thing pretty quick.......

Thanks for all the info. donutguy.

Peace, map

Originally Posted by donutguy View Post
The difference is torque. To get up a moderate hill....I only have to crack the throttle open maybe 20%. The "S" motor has more torque. I've noticed that so far-the 4 stroke motor has way more low end grunt then my 2 stroke motor from thatsdax.

The 2 stroker has way more top end, but I think the 4 stroke is gonna be a good match for my riding style.....I like going about 20 mph most of the time and it seems like the 4 stroke does this without even breaking a sweat.

The 2 stroker was just "coming on the cam" at 20mph....not much torque at that speed....if I had to go up a hill with the 2 stroke-I need to get a decent run at it and even then-near the top....the motor would start to bog down somewhat. The 4 stroke doesn't bog down nearly as much.
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