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Default Re: New 4 stroke motor...........

The difference is torque. To get up a moderate hill....I only have to crack the throttle open maybe 20%. The "S" motor has more torque. I've noticed that so far-the 4 stroke motor has way more low end grunt then my 2 stroke motor from thatsdax.

The 2 stroker has way more top end, but I think the 4 stroke is gonna be a good match for my riding style.....I like going about 20 mph most of the time and it seems like the 4 stroke does this without even breaking a sweat.

The 2 stroker was just "coming on the cam" at 20mph....not much torque at that speed....if I had to go up a hill with the 2 stroke-I need to get a decent run at it and even then-near the top....the motor would start to bog down somewhat. The 4 stroke doesn't bog down nearly as much.
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