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Default Re: Normal Pedal Riding with clutch disengaged

Well, just finished the bike today. It fired up and ran great. A couple tweaks on the chain tensioner but it rides surprisingly well. Anyway, I see that riding with the clutch is no problem at all. I am not worried about wearing out the clutch this way. Think about it .... when your riding with the motor, everytime you need to slow down or stop what do you do? Theres much more use of the clutch when motor riding then there is when pedal riding since when pedaling you are not going near as fast ... less revs on the clutch. So for this reason alone, I am not worried about it.

The chain drag is not bad at all ... hardly notice it. The only thing that is a little bothersome is the noise. If the wife and I want to go for a peaceful ride at night ... its a little noisy.
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