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Default Re: Things I Hate About Riding My MB

What really works, and it does keep people away from you, and you need to really have some guts to stand your ground to make it work!
First off, you need to use large marbles, make a marble cannon on your bike and be prepared to shoot when needed. Best deal is to boil your marbles and then put them in a bowl of ice water, this causes the marbles to shatter inside out. The cannon will use compressed air or a Co2 cartridge. When some one causes you harm and tries to run you off the road, you just hit the trigger and launch a marble at their window. It shatters the window and the evidence shatters with the window too. You need to make the cannon inconspicuous, like mounting a front carrying rack over the cannon, and hide the air bottle in a bag, this way no-one will ever see it coming.
I use to carry marbles in a bag in Florida for anus drivers on my bike. I would toss the marble up over my head and it always would smash the front windshield, they would pull over and check out their car, but never suspected what just happened to them. it was always blamed on a passing truck or another car. You can mount one of these cannons out of the trunk of your car too, it makes a great tool for tail gaiters. Goes right on through the radiator and leaves big holes. 8-)

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