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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

HCS, No... squirting excessive grease in the end of the sprocket shaft where the bucking bar is inserted will NOT lube the (56) little tiny ball bearings the clutch rides on. Doing that would just send a bunch of grease onto the clutch pads, if you pumped a whole lot in there...
Actually, ANY grease on the (56) lil tiny bb's will end up on the clutch pads!
It's a bad point in the design with no real fix.

I hope to post some pics, and dialogue over in Lord Vader's thread that will clearly show what is going on in there. Norm may consider my efforts worthy of incorporating into his tutorial??? :-)

...always a fly in the ointment... I can dis-assemble further, for pics, OR, re-assemble so I can ride the lil thing! lol
Nice WX here in Kalifornia. sry to read abt you Irene fellows. Sounds messy.

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