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Default Re: 2nd broken frame

ok so reading through all these post about the head tubes and drop out and seat post and even the frames near the engine cracking and breaking due to stress. what if its not just the frame cracking? instead the loss of bolts nuts premature faliure of engine. i came across a raleigh beach cruiser frame, stripped it down to bare frame flat blacked it built it back, and installed my skyhawk 66cc. within the first 25miles of break in maybe less, the vibration from the engine has completely broken my drop outs. this was the first. the second was my fenderstays, and because of those my tire. heres where it gets good. after all the repairs from prior vibration curses. rideing my boardtracker style motor bike through the neighborhoods from the shop, when all of the sudden the engine bogs down then dies. hop the curb check out the motor, one of the screws on top of the carb has worked itself out, so everytime i twist the throttle the whole housing for the throttle and choke come up. with my trusty gerber tighten the screw thats left enough to make it home. after that on the way to work about 2 days after that, the engine revs go crazy while slowing down to a stop sign. clutch arm dowel pin comes out, no that fixed, going home the same day engine bogs out again. this time the carb itself broke, the ear that the bolt goes through to hold the carb onto the intake mani broke off. in a rage i strip the engine from that frame and strap it to a chromoly trek frame, holding the carb on with one hand, frame doesnt vibrate as bad as the cruiser....? wtf...
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