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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I'm coming to agree with you, Acraze, that the motorized bicycle may be the perfect commuter ticket...

I been looking at factory moped models, and recall a honda hobbit we had, and got rid of !!! because of poor handling... and I'm looking at all the scooter available now, and their prices... I don't really care for scooters much, though I remember a friends Honda Helix that was pretty plush.

I'm thinkin I'd just as soon stay below the radar with a MAB, as opposed to getting a mc and all the regs for them.

MAB is dandy for going over to see the doc, or the redbox, or the likker store.
Still gotta build a nice basket, though... and maybe a trailer, too.

Well, I did work on my motorized bicycle today...
Finally got out the spiffy little tool and pulled the complete clutch out, then the pinion gear.

Good ole Norm, Lord Vader, has NOT included in his great motor instructions that to access the bearings inside the clutch hub you need to have three little tiny pins AND a press. Them lil china fellers seem to rely on a press fit to keep the main part of the clutch together... figgers...

lol all I wanted to do was grease them 56 ball bearings and I still can't get it apart! lol and when I DO grease em, the design is gonna sling that grease directly onto the clutch pucks! Whew.
I dunno...

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