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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by NunyaBidness View Post
Went and read that whole post and was sorely disappointed to find no pics at the end of it :-(
I know really Sorry for that I got a few pictures I would like to share too. Gonna have to make it my next mission. Its an old camera Olympus cheepy can't find my old or a new memory card for it. Checked the price of new cameras was a bit outta my budget locally.

Edit for 3 hours of riding later and half a gallon of gas or so. Unscrewed the assembly to blow through it again and sure enough the relative humidity thing. The foam element is a bit saturated with oil. Will it get more saturated? Kinda Doubt it. Will have to observe things? I think I road it long enough to get a clue.

It is slightly more restricted now but not by much or anything I wanna fret about just yet I think dunno? I did have to fine tune the fuel idle adjustment screw once much later in the riding around but not in the beginning which had perplexed me . I also got it out of kelter once doing the wrong adjustments.

I don't really at the moment notice any loss in performance. Darn thing runs it seams a tad better. Hard telling until I give things more time?

Thats the fun in this hobby something interesting to try. I will eventually perfect this! This has peaked my interest.

Also noticed that later on after my last adjustment this darn thing starts up way more often from cold than it ever did without touching the throttle. Before it was pretty much like clock work had to blip the throttle a tiny bit right when hitting the kick start witch was fine I never cared it was never a issue. Now I hit the kick start after this thing has cooled off considerably no choke and no touching the throttle it starts into its usual low idle.

The kind of foam filter I have been using has virtually no restriction what so ever that can be discerned simply left alone stock.

Another edit just checked with the filter unscrewed off starts up with out blipping the throttle. ''Force of starting habit made me miss that.'' Pretty cool I can just screw the filter off and recheck my over all judgment lol.

Now I am plain ol over analyzing things need to just step back obverse for a few and ride!~ I will give it a whole week then say sumthun.
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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