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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Made a air box/silencer today of sorts. The 21mm carby lets more motor noise out.

Used 15 layers or so of the plastic diamond hole shaped, nylon/plastic fruit mesh directly waded/wrapped over the big foam racing air filter. How many layers is currently hard for me accurately to say? The stuff little cherry tomatoes/limes/oranges etc come inside from the store all sacked in. 1.90mm size Drill bit. Found a Plastic container to sleeve over the large foam filter from Harbor Freight. ''The smaller container that plastic cable ties come in.''

Note the plastic was so thick on this container I used a hacksaw blade to cut it.

Has a 10mm or so air gap clearance from the circumference of the foam element without the fruit plastic mesh and is cut flush to the plastic frame the foam is attached/glued to at the carb side.

Drilled a whole bunch of holes strategically all over the circumference of the cut to length old cable tie plastic container sleeve. Boarder of too many. Then finally three more layers of plastic mesh and last two nylon layers of stocking to cover it on the outside for appearance sake air flow/noise and strength/stiffness was thought into this equitation while testing my lungs on it. Was kinda of a happy accident lol.

This all couples together with the only one main hose clamp that holds the large original foam filter to the large nylon plastic nut that simply threads onto the back of the carburetor.

I know it sounds like I went backwards? Testing this thing I could not see any difference in air restriction that I could accurately discern from simply blowing through the filter with my lungs. I was very adamant about that when constructing and checking.

Cut my currant motor noise down substantially prolly in half the bike seams to run better too.

Here is why I figure? Air/fuel mix that always blows back through the carb filter on a two stroke is now contained very nicely in my larger air box/silencer to the tune of coincidental nice humidity. The atomized fuel/air charge is contained and effectively recycled. Sounds good ha ha thats my story I am sticking too it lol.

Hard to explain but its a working and I like it. So far as appearance is concerned. It looks just like my original foam filter at first glance yet is just a little larger and its still black in color from the two layers of black womans nylons on the very outside. It weighs very little and the whole shebang is nice and stiff from the one hose clamp and outside layers of plastic fruit mesh stretched tightly over the plastic sleeve acting like a unibody structure.

It also partially breaths from the 10mm or so gapped circumference but that is stiffly strategically filled up with the plastic mesh to gracefully accommodated the gap and buck noise.. All this is crammed together and hidden from sight by the one hose clamp. ''A nice miracle too snork''. Last it is still totally serviceable/reversible in a snap to clean it all up and repack it. This things breaths remarkably well!!

Wish I could find my camera's memory card? I will no doubt go over the design to clean things up a tad. I love a quite bike. The BoXers exhaust noise is very quiet all the racket comes from the carb.

Its a bit loud just like a H.T. when the throttle is all the way open. Have gotten remarkably close to a little ol honda generator sound DB wise when just cruising down the street. This has always been my goal with the Morini.

I always wanted to construct a air box/silencer. Will be redesigning etc but my first go at this has been a hoot! Opened up some ideas anyway.
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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