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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I just got back from vacation. The bike sat for two weeks in my apartment while I was gone. On the morning that I returned to work, I pumped up the tires a couple psi, pedalled to the gas station, poured oil into the tank and pumped in three quarts of 87 octane. The Tanaka 47R engine roared to life in two pulls. I pedalled for a couple blocks and jumped off the curb for a good sloshy mix. Then I opened up the petcock and I was off to work. I had leaned out the high end a few weeks ago. The engine seemed slightly mushy in midrange, so I might reset the carb. Other than that the engine runs fine. In fact, it starts MUCH easier now. One pull with choke on, then engine fires up on the next pull with choke off (This engine has less than 1,000 miles on it).

The rear cassette had to be replaced because the gears were bent. This was prolly due to powershifting and beginner's abuse of the shifting. Now whenever I shift gears, I pedal for two seconds then apply power.

The 37.09:1 first gear is excellent for climbing steep parking ramps. It also works well with gridlocked, bumper-to-bumper traffic on steep hills.

This bike is a trip. It is the perfect commuting vehicle. All I did was fill gas and air after two weeks of not using it. The bike took me to work without a hiccup. Traffic was REALLY bad. In certain areas, I jumped onto the sidewalk to bypass the gridlock. The engine ran slightly above idle when necessary, at about jogging speed.

Whenever I pass slow moving traffic, I've been pedal-assisting my bike. I think the drivers feel less resentful if they see me working for my ride.
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