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Originally Posted by Pilotgeek View Post
Ideally, it should come down to the horsepower. Torque is simply a static measurement. Certainly, you need a good amount of torque to get moving, but once you have adequate torque for the intended load, horsepower becomes what matters. Horsepower is an absolute measure of "power", in the same way as a Watt is a unit of power. In fact, 1hp equals about 746W.

Torque factors into horsepower, and it's really a matter of Torque x Rpm. Any engine with more horsepower should theoretically be capable of more speed. It's all in how you use that power, by trading torque for rpms in the way you gear it. It's also important to make sure the engines are all using the same definition of horsepower, and you also factor in at what RPM range that horsepower rating is given for, and gearing for that RPM at cruising speed.

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