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Default Re: Now I own *two* DAX GT50r motors........

Goat Herder,
I replaced a very torquey Lifan 2.5 98cc 4 stroke engine with the Pocket bike engine & fully expected torque to be terrible, but was pleasantly surprised. I got mine geared at 15.6:1 & she pulls off the line strong. My bike weighs ~60-65 lbs & I'm 170 lbs. My 2nd bike powered by the same engine only weighs 35 lbs and I refer to it as my 'Dragster bike'. From a dead stop to 50 mph is quite an
I know these Stage 2 engines aren't for everyone & do require attention. 2 forum members I know of had real bad results using this Stage 2 engine & a Stage 3 version & I am not trying to steer people to buy them. Dax even took his version off his website. I'm glad I bought them & I enjoy tinkering with them.
I got a jet kit coming, some more flex pipe, V-brake throttle levers, foam grips, spare gaskets (copper & paper).
Parts for Pocket bike engines are so cheap & the initial cost of these engines is also very reasonable. If I can get some good service out of them before they explode I'll have gotten my moneys worth...
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