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Default Re: Now I own *two* DAX GT50r motors........

Morini's are great...just difficult to mount, very expensive.
GP460 'Run circles around'... remains to be proven?
I'll stick with my Stage 2 Pocket Bike engines over a GP460. For half the price & a broader powerband (more torque @ lower rpm's) & easier to mount on anything.
There is a reason all these pocket bike races aren't dominated by GP460 engine powered bikes?
Also there are way more aftermarket & cheap replacement parts for the pocket bike engine (Huge market).
Both engines (Pocket bike & GP460) are made in China. The most popular MB'r engine is a china girl inframe kit for a good reason...they are cheap ($$$).
Since I haven't blown up these 2 pocket bike engines yet, long term reliability seems good with 11K+ rpm engines.
$125 would be well spent for the performance you get.
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