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Default Second build, Felt Twin. I need help on it

Hi Guys,
I finish my first build the last month and got excited about the motorized bicycle world.
I found today this Felt Twin almost new in craigslist for half the price and jumped on it.
I really like the bike and want to build it as the Ridley ones.
The problem is I only know what I learned here and my lack of experience is equal to my enthusiasm.

I Need your help in
1; finding the instructions for making (sealing) the existing tank the actual gas tank.
2; Deciding which engine go with, based in fit, looks, performance.
3;Finding the correct parts (tank tap, brackets, etc) to make this motorized bicycle seem professionally done.

I know I can do it with your help. I'm not an engineer but I'm patience and analytic and did one bike from scratch with your help.

Thanks in advance.

I open an account in picasa to attach pics but is giving me erros every time I try, somebody knows how to help me.

My albune in picasa, link;

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