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Default Re: How do I stop breaking spokes?

Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
First off... to the OP... Use 12 gage spokes & you'll not have any more problems!

GH... Yes, there are many 14 gage spokes that hold up without any problems; but there are some that are just weaker. (& I wish I could tell the difference.
Your are absolutely right there are combos out there that are lame. How ever on the wrong hub rim combo 12 gauge already typically needs more cold set tension than 14's from what I have read/ heard asking around. That is not good for every hub rim combo.

My rear BoXer wheel can easily be retrofitted to 12's it has 14's on it and about 3000 miles on that wheel so far. Until I myself cold set it right I had spokes loosen up every 300 miles now notta in about 1800 miles. I stayed on top of it still the original spokes.

I was very rude to a Nuvinci Wheel I had/still have never ever had a spoke issue. Never touched them and I tried to break that thing. They were cold set right from the factory or the bike shop on the net I bought it from. I mean I don't do stunts or ground tricks. Just stop and go city.

My first bike with rag joints etc I went through spokes like pop corn. I was running the cheapest department store stuff ever from garage sales.
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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