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Default Normal Pedal Riding with clutch disengaged

Easy question please ... I bought this kit :
80cc Engine Motor Kit Motorized Bicycle Bike - eBay (item 370531484287 end time Aug-03-11 20:05:33 PDT)

My original thought before venturing into this build was that I would be able to ride this bike around via pedals with the clutch disengaged. See, I originally bought this bike so that I can go on family bike rides with my wife and kids. I got a little carried away with the thought of uhm ... fixing it up a little

Well anyway, seeing that the clutch has the little button to hold the clutch in I figured no problem, I can ride it normally with the family and use the motor when I'm by myself.

Now that I have the kit, I am not so sure. The button holds the clutch disengaged but the slightest little tap or bump causes it to pop-up. I don't actually have the clutch cable connected to the clutch lever yet however. I hope that once it is connected, the force of the clutch will hold it pretty good. I am also thinking about how much drag will be on the chain when the clutch is disengaged and if it is going to be too difficult to ride around like that. Or maybe its going to wear out my clutch or something else.

Do any of you have this same kit that can tell me what to expect and if it is actually feasible to think about riding around with the pedals while the clutch is held disengaged?


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