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Default Re: old guy needs some help.

Don't give up so easily on the 2 stroke HT. I have one on my 1948 Roadmaster and it is a pleasure to ride. Little maintance other than chain luibe and high miles 1.5k +
With a stock 44t and 66cc engine it climbs hills fine(I weigh 166 lbs).
Also run 32/1 mixture after break in. Just a pleasure to cruise on @ 23 MPH.
Also the c-clutch is a major +, I only use the hand clutch to start.

PS: I am 67 and ride it daily!

Originally Posted by Martin 1940D28 View Post
Hi folks, This will be a new endeavor for me. Am interested in building a nice motorbike, something similar looking to the "Whizzers' I remember as a teen in the mid 1950's that a couple of my neighbors rode daily. I just prefer a nice "4 stroke" engine from past experiences, not all bad. I will be using an older 26" balloon tire bike as a base. As you may have figured, "I've got one foot in the grave, the other on a banana peel", so I don't have enough time to try everything out there. I would like a top notch "kit" from the get go, that will last for a while, cruise me on quiet back roads at about 25 MPH maximum, climb a hill or 2 or 3 etc. I'm 6'2" tall, weigh around 200 to 210 lbs. and am a fairly mechanical "Hot Rodder". My budget doesn't restrict me as much as my time left. Thanks in advance for your help Folks. Jay

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