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Default Re: HP is HP......

Good one Baird, I think my Dell must be kinfolks with your HP.....LOL!

First let me say I'm NOT a pro at this stuff, but I do have some experience building engines stock and modified.

HP is good but HP alone isn't what gets you moving, it's more about the torque produced by an engine that gets things moving rather than just HP.

Example: A 3.5HP Briggs engine on a mini bike with a centrifical clutch that has 10T driving a 60T sprocket mounted to a 13" wheel/tire, this set up will take off and go pretty good even with a 200lb fella on it and will hit around 30MPH ungoverned.

Now take one of those 4.2HP 2 smoker GP460 or a 4HP modified CAG and put it on that same mini bike set up the same way and you will find that you will not be going anywhere fast, do they have the HP rating yes, do they have the torque? NO

The briggs developes it's HP rating @ around 3600 RPM's and the GP460 or Cag gets it rating at probably 3 times that.

I said all this to say nope HP isnt all it takes.

Peace, map
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