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Default Re: Looking for cheapest reliable motor.

YES and NO

Duane at thatsdax stands behind his stuff very good but I'm not sure about anyone else, some say they have a warranty, but it seems their warranty only last until something goes wrong and then it's tough cookie so to speak, and I can't really blame them in most cases just based on what happens many times, burned up engines and such, most of the time it's the lack of mechanical skill and understanding that causes many of the problems with these engines, (yes there are acceptions) but I'd say 98+% of these little engines will work just fine if someone truly knows what they are doing when setting them up and understand up front several parts & pieces will need to be changed and modified right out of the box.

So I'm not much on promoting warranty for this reason, these kits are cheap but cool & fun when set up right but they aren't plug & play like so many people getting them think they are, that's one thing that BGF says in all of his kit adds, he states that anyone buying one of his kits needs to have a certain level of mechanical ability.....

I'm not promoting BGF here, but how many others make it seem as though just about anyone can easily install these kits and be riding around the block in a couple hours or so........ I can see why some offer NO Warranty on the kits, people need to be better informed as to what building a bike with one of the china girl kits will likely involve so they will understand what they are getting involved with.
If someone can't completely disassemble their bicycle down to the last nut & washer and then put it back together without a glitch, then it's very likely they will have lots of trouble installing a china kit and potentially ruin the engine when or if they do get it running.

Dont get me wrong here I think these kits can be great learning tools for people who already have a nack for things mechanical but maybe haven't really done much yet, but for some these kits are way over their heads and always will be, these are the people who will bankrupt a seller who offers to good of a warranty on such a cheaply made low quality product that is prone to problems right out of the box in many cases.

If a person doesn't have a certain level of mechanical skills they need to just stay away from the china girl kits IMHO, or at least be told straight up front what they are getting into, they should go with a DAX friction drive or a 4 stroke or 2 smoker kit that needs less modifying and tweaking to get it right.
I think when someone buys a china kit they should expect it to spend another $50-$75 on top of the kit price to get it working as reliable as possible.

I will have to say that my hat is off the Duane (ThatsDax) for taking care of people who have warranty issues like he does, I can see why he charges the extra he does for his kits, that extra is a cushion for the warranty issue he knows he'll have to deal with, thats smart business and does offer some peace of mind to his customers as well.

Just my take on the warranty stuff concerning these kits in general.

Peace, map

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True, but wouldn't it be best for a first-timer to get an engine from a distributor that has a warranty?
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