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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Looks like fun to motorize, Skaard! wonder how it will handle? like taking off in a tail dragger!

Dan, no better than what I can see in the sole pic, and description, I can pick out a few options.
The crank is soft, or the screw you selected is.. really poor choice of a screw! lol and at least one of those washers is not concentric... that may throw a force in the soup to work that screw out.
If the crank and/or the screw are soft, ot there is a sloppy match of the threads, it's an uphill battle and you'll probably get a vacation for littering the hi-ways and by-ways of the public...

BTW, Fine idea to take a pic of your cherished bike with a row of Harvey's Honey Huts as a backdrop! LOL do they have a downstream pipe that dumps into the river that bridge goes over??? Whew!

Fire up that there shiny mill and make a bored slug to extend that crank so the grade 8 allen head bolt you buy for it next time can actually be tightened up against something besides a couple flimsy washers.
You could maybe machine a flange on it that would retain the clutch.

Make a friend at the airport...
Them guys got A #1 quality stainless steel lock-wire and can even describe to you the lost art of actually using the stuff so it works!
Drill your allen head bolt on that there mill/drill so you can use the spiffy lock wire!

OR, you could use a hex headed bolt and drill and tap the clutch center part to insert a holding screw like used on an HT flower nut for the clutch.

The slug for the crank extension is probably still needed.

I'd agree, a mechanical solution might be better than a chemical option because all that stuff is heating up with use and heat is the method we commonly use to break epoxied screws loose... but they got some really good stuff now that could additionally be applied to the thread for assembly once you know it's working well.

Good luck
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