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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
That is gonna be cool Skarrd! Could put a good sized diesel in that mug.

Yesterday I lost the retention bolt holding my clutch on the engine drive shaft. So my shoed clutch guts, shot out. I put it back together but might be toast.

I have tried loc-tyte and muffler sealer. They just loosen up eventually. Just one of those things ya gotta watch. Not exactly my long suit. Ya know, paying attention to stuff.
Dan I would like a clarification of what happened. I have no doubt that you say there were parts (shoes) shot out of the bell of the clutch.

What I have are a couple of centrifugal clutches both toothed and pulley types. None of the engines I have are with a threaded hole in the end of the crankshaft, which I understand helps keep the clutch on the shaft even though I have a keyway for use with key and a set screw.

I have seen other posts that talk about drilling the shaft and tapping threads so you have this additional feature.

Also there is another set screw that is 90 degrees opposed to the keyway set screw that also is tightened.

As I were in the past be tempting fate now by not having the threaded hole in the end if the shaft.

I think a bolt and something like a fender washer to hold the clutch in, in the case that the other two set screws and keyway fail is what it is for?

The thing about the clutches I have, there is a cir-clip that is used to hold the clutch together and the shoes and the springs, ect parts inside would not be coming apart unless it failed. The clutch coming off the end of the shaft could happen if the chain also broke and both set crews loosened.

So I am not sure about a bolt you speak of that let the shoes shoot out?

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