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Unhappy Help Please!!

Ok... So... My bike just decided to quit working for me. It was running fine and then just took a ****. I checked my spark plug and was getting spark. Removed the Kill Switch thinking maybe it was shorting things out and I've heard that you can solve some problems doing this. I removed Kill Switch it fired up I rode it for a bit and then turned it off by popping the clutch. I then attempted to get on the bike and ride home, it wouldnt fire up. I kept pedaling and throttling, it was attempting to fire up, but then got nothing at all. The motor doesnt even sound like its trying to fire up. I went to the dealer where I got it he told me it sounded like my magneto shorted out. He also had said to ground the wire to the frame of the bike and remove the Kill Switch. I'm not to sure if I'm doing the grounding correct. I replaced the the magneto and now it does the same thing but I have no spark from my spark plug, so I'm thinking its something to do with my wiring. The wiring is so simple though black to black and blue to blue with white taped off. The grounding of the wire is what is probably throwing me off. I had a spot on my bike right on the center bottom of the frame where a water bottle holder thing went but I removed it to install my engine. I took the black wire from CDI twisted it around the ground coming from engine then screwed it in to the screw where water bottle holder used to be. I have nothing from spark plug. Bad CDI then? Advice very much needed please. Is it possible that i put magneto on wrong?
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