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Default Re: Weed eater bike 25cc *need help tuning*

I'm in the proccess of building a set up like yours myself and using what looks to be a very simular weed eater brand engine, neither of my engines have both high & low adjustments on the carb. one of them has either a high or a low with a plastic cap on it but I dont know which it is, I know that on some of these engines a set of needle nose pliers that have had the tip ground down real thin will get in to the adjustments like you may have on yours, a close up pic would really help, so we can see exactly what you have.

I have 2 of these weed eater engines that are like brand new so I hope I can get them set up real nice on a bike as well.

Peace, map

Originally Posted by yungmune View Post
I just finished moping my bike with a 25cc weed eater motor. It has no problems starting once i start pedaling but it bogs on me when i give it any throttle. Im guessing its not receiving enough fuel. What do you guys recommend i do to fix it. Also do you guys know if pepboys sell the tuning driver to adjust the hi and low fuel mixture?
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