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Default Re: Now I own *two* DAX GT50r motors........


You're missing a digit here friend, no one on this thread is speaking about the GT5 Grubee engines which we call HT's or China Girls, people are discusing the GT50R High Performance Engines like the one Duane at Thatsdax was selling and can be bought a hundred different palces online, it is a Modified CAG 47cc engine and Dax called his the GT50R.

You are NOT correct in what you said about the engine in the link, Turbo is right on the money.........

( I'm not trying to be argumentative here )

Peace, map

Originally Posted by FarRider View Post
I'm not trying to be argumentative here Turbo, but that engines nothing like the GT5R-
That engine you posted has been around a while, and if you look hard enough you'll notice its a horizontal mount with a reed block intake mounted "under" the crank cases.
I've seen that particular engine, usually rack mounted, with a good exp. pipe they run fairly well.
Pictured below are both sizes of GT5R engines, the 50cc and the 66cc.
As you can plainly see these are "upright" engines that lend themselves better to in frame mounting.
Note the larger timing case and the lack of a reed induction block.
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