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Default Re: You guys scare me.

Hang on there sports fan! You can't take the way they put bikes together at the factory as the proper way to assemble a bike. It takes a lot of work to get a bike from the box to a decent operating machine.

The first thing I would do is to take the wheels off and make sure the hubs were adjusted correctly and then true them. I usually had them true to the point were the seam from the rim was the farthest out of true that I would accept.

then I would check the frame and se if it was out of alinement and then go over the crank, brakes and derailleurs

then you had to "fit" the bike to the customer and make sure that the seat post, saddle, stem and bars were in the right hight and position for the rider. If you saddle is off by a quarter of an inch it can make a big difference in the comfort and efficiency of the ride. If your saddle is pointed five degrees off it can put your hands asleep or mess with your back.

Finally the bike will loosen up after the first few days of riding and need to be readjusted before it tares it self to bits.

When I ran my retail shop I figured I lost money on all of my new bikes because of the time and effort I had to put into them. But if I made the effort right I would have a customer for life. What I made money on was selling customers on things for their bike when they brought them in for there free tune-ups and I did a lot of repairs.

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