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Thanks dirt. I've had this bike since it was new back in the early 90's.

I use the beast to get to and from work etc, so I need to carry my gear. The front basket is actually turned sideways on, the hooks that are intended to go over the handlebars actually hook backwards around the stem post below the bars instead. It sits on a short front rack I picked up from a local shop as well, with more cable ties. The basket gave me a good place to fasten the air bottle for the horn and a place to put a cup-holder (bottle cage) on the back left and right corners.
The back one is just a nice chrome finish shopping basket someone left somewhere cable tied onto the rear rack after the carriers were hooked on (effectively locking them onto the rack too).
The reflective strips are on pieces of corrugated plastic, small cable ties hold the ends to the baskets. Across the middle of the back basket I have a reflective leg-strap with red LEDs that either blink or stay solid stretched across and it works pretty well as a rear light (in addition to the one on my helmet). Pre-motorization I was hit by someone running a stop sign. They claimed the didn't see me, so that's part of my response.


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