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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

That tank has definite possibilities for a dressed up bike.

I just happened to look down at one of my cheap 10 dollar yard sale bike purchases. ''Which I have too many of lying around''. All the spare steel for weird Ideas etc. The bikes do make for great clothes drying racks.

The forks at the crown where I am thinking about removing with a hack saw for their gentle curve I need to make a intake manifold for the proposed 24mm carby. Radius measures at from out side edge to edge 29.20mm another set measures at 28.81mm and another measures at 26.75mm.

1.73mm wall thickness from some scrap frame tubing here. Thinking the steel on the forks will be a little thicker walled?

So tubing thickness involved one of these is very close to a inside diameter of 24mm! I need slight elbow bent section of tubing so to speak to match up to said 24mm carburetor and sit level on the bike.

This set up will inevitable belong to my water cooled Morini in the long run. I still need to watch the climate changes this fall verses the hottest part of the summer to make more observations about fine tuning a large carb. Its looking do able the more I sound it out to my self lol.
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