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Default Re: Yup! Another Cranny build.

Originally Posted by IreBo View Post
Yo Gary . what happend to the huge bars? im glad you went with the race bars. you will love the ride. apes kinda suck..imo.. i love cornering with the low bars! how do you plan on painting the rims... keep in mind the brakes will rub off the paint on the side of the rims.... sandblast? aircraft paint remover and keep em silver?? im curious.
Yea I didn't like the ape hangers either. It made the bike look too "Mainstream" lowrider looking and that wasn't the look I was looking for. As far as the rims, I'm gonna leave them as they are. I know they look a little funky being blue and all, but being this is my first motorized bicycle build, I'm not going all out on this one and painting rims is a lot of work.
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