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Default Clutch won't dis-engage

Hi everyone, got a problem. I was rideing along today and heard a clink or whack of some kind. Whatever it was it didn't sound good, I pulled in the clutch to stop and see what had happend and the clutch didn't do anything, there was still the spring working when i pulled the clutch handle, it felt like i pulled the clutch, but when i slowed down it was still in gear. have to have a friend grab the bike and drive it back to the house, first time i couldn't just say screw it, pull the drive chain off and peddle home. So now im in a quandry, I am relativly mechanical, and feel competint to take apart the clutch and put it back together with replacing whatever broke, but haveing bought the engine asembled I have never had to work on it other than to take off the clutch plate and give it a little lube. I have done about 1000 miles in the last 6 months sence i bout this little toy, and it have become my day to day transport. Does anyone have any idea what could break that would make the clutch not dis-engage but still make it feel like im pushing out the clutch when I pull the handle? And/or does anyone have/ know where to find a complet description of the clutch parts/function. I looked around (maby not long enough) and didnt see anthing that applyed to my specific problem.
Thanks all.
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