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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Walmart as good? In some ways I would say yes when it is used to build a motor bicycle. What do you pay for in a better bike? Better and lighter components, better wheels, better tires and a better frame.

That said, as a motorbicycle, you do not need incredible components. I paid more for shift levers than a whole walmarter costs, but on a motor bike I am using downtube shifters. They were cheap, light and out of the way. I do not shift that often. The question I have is more the wheels than even the frame.
As a cyclist, I have never found great cheap wheels, but as a cyclist I put on more miles than motorbicyclists would (upwards of 5000 miles a year).

So, I still say a used craigslist bike is the better choice, but a walmarter could be just fine for it's purpose
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