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Default Re: Which bike to build? Help!

That's an easy choice in my opinion.
I'd without a doubt do the Jaguar.

Multi-speed rear hub so that down the road when you get sick of peddling out of red lights and stop signs you can easily put an SBP shift kit on and stop working that poor little engine to death running full throttle to get to 30mph.

You'll also have less trouble installing the rear sprocket rag joint on the multi-speed rear hub, the brake arm and dust cover on the coaster hub will need immediate attention to mount the sprocket.

Better brakes. You're right the coaster brakes ain't gonna cut it. You'll need to supplement those coasters with hand brakes anyway. Jaguars V-brakes will work very well right off the bat.
You'll be stuck mounting caliper brakes on the single speed, as the bike doesn't have cantilever brake studs welded on the forks or rear seat stays.

I just love the Jags looks aside from any and everything else, but that's just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions.
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