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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by DaveC View Post
My Paughco Porkster fuel tank came today. I won it on eBay. New with a primer coat on the outside and Kreem coated inside. I've been waiting for it due to needing it to get the dimensions right on my La Cycles(Thai) BigMo. I'm cutting the frame on the top and lower tubes to strech the frame and needed the tank so I can figure the King/Queen seat I'm fab'ing. The tank is real nice with 2 fuel ports, 1 a dummy, and it has tabs out the front and back of the tunnel. I'll be drilling through the frame and spudding the holes so I can bolt through the frame. The tank and tabs will help reinforce the cut and weld job.

I took the dummy gas tank plug off that comes with the Kreem that had been used in the tank. I wanted to feel if there was Kreem inside so I stuck my finger inside and felt it. I also felt the place where it had started to pull off the steel in big strips I think the etchant step was skipped or something or it had not been chemically cleaned.

I contacted the seller, we'll see what they do.
Dave have you or anyone else seen these Sportster peanut tanks from Just Gas

They look interesting but maybe a little too big at 2.4 gallons but $99 is a good price. Sure would dress a bike up though and mounting looks easy enough for almost any frame.
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