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Default Re: max size motor possible for in frame build

Originally Posted by The_Aleman View Post
There's a million answers to your extremely vague and general question you have asked. Despite what details you posted.

No matter what, when you put an engine with over 2-3 HP on a bicycle, you are creating an illegal moped or motorcycle in the eyes of the law.

If you want more power, go buy a motorcycle. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
When new guys show up here and immediately ask about large motors I fear for them.
What he said.

I cringe when the first question I get asked is: "how fast will it go?". My stock answers are something like, 'fast enough', 'faster than I can pedal' and my recent favorite to that question is 'fast enough to whiz past most gas stations @ 125 mpg' ;-)
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