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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Hey GH,
Yah, I had Bearing Buddies on one of my boat trailers... it was a nicer boat, (for the likes of me), so I had to sell it... but yah, I had to drag out the pressure washer and blast the inside of the wheels and tires to get all the grease off them ! I guess they are not supposed to do that???
Had a coors can duct taped over the spindle on one of em for a couple years. Had to re-do the tape now and then.
I am living wrong.
Have not been fishing in I can't remember when.
Worked on my giant butte today.
Gonna switch over.
Best I could do was a Rock Shox Judy DH off a Specialized Rock Hopper... Most the other cheapie forks with a 1" stem (steerer?) in the pile were for a 24" wheel, which I wouldn't mind, but all I got is MTB tires for the 24's.
Now I need to learn how to rebuild a Judy. got no travel... maybe 30mm and it sags right to that...
I drug out a set of ugly looking apes, and glad I did because the last bend is not comfortable... may need to buy a set...
The giant butte has a larger frame so I'm hoping I can lose the Pnut tank and just run a 2" tube for fuel under the top tube of the bike. I'd rather it look more like a bicycle than a MC.
Learning about forks/suspension forks, rake, and trail.
I lost trail with the Judy, so I'll probably need to rake the headset. I wanted more trail than the present frame offers. No off-road quick action for me!
The locals had a Cruise night, yesterday eve, and I made a couple passes down the mainstreet to look at the customs. There's quite a bit of old iron around here.
Need to make a pin tool so I can service the rear gear cassettes...
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