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Lightbulb Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I don't know much about the guts of Sturmey Archer hubs, but if you just want to plug the hole, you might be able to get by with putting a patch of rubber over the hole and hose clamping or ziptying (2 ties) the rubber patch. That should be a good bandaid fix until you can do the grease zerk or something.

re: kids tearing up tubes, more patches than spokes....

I make my own tire slime, from $1 caulk from Walmart, with the same amount of $1 window wash (blue automotive type). I've sealed bike tires, tubes, and lawnmower tubeless tires with the stuff.

Check out Amerityre for kids bikes or low-speed bicycles if you're sick of flats (I have some foam tires on my wife's bike and I like them. They are grippy and roll ok even with a heavy rider. The 20" sizes are only about $20 each.

Originally Posted by rustycase View Post
Hey GH,

"I just drill about a 1/8'' hole in the center of my hub shells to butt up a grease gun to."

...and the grease doesn't sling out from the terrifying speed your Morini Boxer is capable of ??? :-)

I've got a buncha SA hubs here and ALL the little plastic bung stoppers are disintegrated, so any oil applied to them would be all over the place if I ran them. Grease would just be slower to exit. I was planning on threading the ho and inserting a set screw with T tape when I got around to trying one of them.

...and I thought of you when I first saw that ad for the 4.3lb Santa Cruz Blur carbon fiber frame.. :-)
(you could Morini FLY over them goats heads and touch nary a one!)

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