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Default Re: Two cycle oil

If you really want to try Opti2 just go to your local Tractor Supply if you have one in your area and pick up a pack of Arnold The 1 Universal Mix for all 2-cycle engines, this is Opti2 packaged for Arnold, same stuff all the way.

But like it has already been said here, any of the good 2 smoker oils will do just fine in these engins, just mix it right and tune the engine for the mix and get the air/fule mixture right and you will have a good running engine that should hold up as good and long as the wrist pin bearing and seals will let it go.

Peace, map

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Thanks guys just want the thing to perform right just like to hear from the pros now and then. I do not believe the local small engine shops here carry the Opti 2. I like the way it sounds on their web so I will do what I have to do. Very helpful and thanks. gphil
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