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Default Re: Need old bike identified...

Guys It's not a mod, it is very obvious that it is a bike built the way it is, the bike shop guy told me he had seen these bikes but couldnt remember who made them, he even told me a name for the bikes like this that have the double split top tube but I cant remember what he said, I just remember that the word he used started with an M......

I know this sounds silly but i will have to check with him again next week and ask him again what he called this style of bike, he said the company that made this bike had actually copied another brand of bike that was the first to make this type frame...dang-it I wish I could remember what he called it....!

I am possitive that this isn't a modified bike though, I need to post a couple more pics so you guys can see the top double tubes better, and I will shortly.

Peace, map
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