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Default Motorized Pusher Trailers Plans??

Hi folks!

I am new to the forum and I dont really know where on this forum to look but I am wanting to build a motorised bicycle pusher trailer - I've seen them on Youtube and they look very cool. They also seem to have better engine setups than the engines you can get with the kits for a DIY motorized bicycle. Also my bike is a full suspension one and fitting an engine to it would be too awkward. Plus I like the idea of a trailer as it means I dont have to alter my bike and you can detatch it and still have your bike to ride as normal.

I'd like to make a combination pusher / cargo carrying trailer so I'm gonna try design the frame from scratch and I have been checking out some petrol lawnmowers on eBay in the UK, or I might just go to the scrap yard and see what they have got - I'll probably have to go there anyway to pick up some metal tubing etc.

Are there any plans out there for motorised pusher trailers that I could use as a guide? I have got the basic idea grasped, but I hate having to reinvent the wheel everytime I do something like this and if someone has done it before me and hence made all the niggling mistakes and has a tried and tested design then please let me know.

Also if there is a forum for motorised pusher trailers please can someone point me in the direction.



P.S - photo below is of 2 of my Raleigh Chopper MKII bikes - they arent motorized, they are just classic 1970s British bikes - I used to have 11 of them! Now I just have the one...
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