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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by rustycase View Post
Wm, Seaward, or the Point?
Bet it was nice...
cool & foggy at Morro Rock this morning... the usual summer WX lol

Thanks Greg !
I know I'm missing something...
7 mile speed run today. It just won't gather the R's...
Engine noise sounded like a periodic compression release engaged.
Crazy !
Maybe I'd better pop the head and inspect the gasket. Only reason I haven't is because I have none on hand and would need to make one from copper stock if it were bad... Just what I need, another project.

Ran through the radar sign at 24mph... best speed ever!
Gosh it was running horrible.

Interesting wrist pins/bearings, Map...
What's the group think is better, lighter for more R's and the nice looking roller cage, or the heavier pin with more rollers?
Which one went bad?

Exactly that...from surfers point down to seaward and back..LOL!! nailed it..
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