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Default Re: Shift Kit Installed, Now starting is hard

make sure you go over the directions a couple times so you can get an idea of how its going to be,
when adding the masterlink to the drive sprocket its easiest to add if both ends of the chain are wrapped around the sprocket that way all you have to worry about is pushing the link through.
lube your chains if they are to tight
use loc tite thread locking substances on all bolts
dont hammer bearings or axle or sprockets on to axles, because you have to remove them several times and the axle will flare at the end a bit causing problems when you try to put something back on
also a tip on removing the bottom bracket if you dont have the remover tool.
after you remove the cranks put a flathead screwdriver in one of the notches and over the axle and pry it, mine loosened very easy. the right side loosens clockwise and the left side loosens counterclockwise so dont forget that.
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