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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Wm, Seaward, or the Point?
Bet it was nice...
cool & foggy at Morro Rock this morning... the usual summer WX lol

Thanks Greg !
I know I'm missing something...
7 mile speed run today. It just won't gather the R's...
Engine noise sounded like a periodic compression release engaged.
Crazy !
Maybe I'd better pop the head and inspect the gasket. Only reason I haven't is because I have none on hand and would need to make one from copper stock if it were bad... Just what I need, another project.

Ran through the radar sign at 24mph... best speed ever!
Gosh it was running horrible.

Interesting wrist pins/bearings, Map...
What's the group think is better, lighter for more R's and the nice looking roller cage, or the heavier pin with more rollers?
Which one went bad?


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