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Default Re: And Yet Another 1st Cranny Build - Some Issues

Originally Posted by Sgt. Howard View Post
My Cranny uses the Manic Mechanic mount for the sprocket- I did the engineering to mount the HT sprocket as the holes do not match. Better off if you do not have machineshop experiance or gear to purchase one of their sprockets. Soon I will have a HT sprocket mounting device that will solve this issue, but untill then the MM gear out of is your best bet. ALSO- I did not see all of this thread, so I don't know if you've painted this thing yet- ACE 'Navaho White' in a rattle can is a close match to the fenders. If you wait two or three weeks after the final coat (during non-riding season- you want four or five light coats with 300 wet/dry sanding in between) the paint will hold up to fuel- the blue Crannies look cool when the gas tank matches the fenders.
The engine sounds like it's trying to die because it cannot just 'lope at idle' at speed. You are first and second gear- the engine is third. Peddle up to there with engine assist and hold the throttle ope enough to stay there.
the Old Sgt.
cool thanks for the info. i took the fenders off of mine and dont plan on putting them back on. there is already too many things i need to worry about on my bike, and i dont want them falling into the wheel. LOL! they felt really really flimsy.

does painting take that long for say the bike frame as well?? becuase I live in socal, so theres not much of a "non riding season" haha

Originally Posted by IreBo View Post
Yo Donkey, sounds like youre bike is doing well.... so about the choke. i rarely use mine. only if its really cold and/ or i havnt ran my motor in a while. if i do use it for a cold start i cloes the choke, bump start the bike ,and as soon as it starts i flip it open. i will also use it as a speed limiter for nwebies or youngsters that want to try out my bike. ill close it a bit while riding full throttle until it just starts to slow down. basiclly a rev limiter. other than that dont pay much attention to it ide say.

so the idle with it in gear thing, well its like driving a stick shift car. you cant just let the clutch out while in first and expect it to drive smoothly. you need to feather the clutch with some throttle and when you are going you can dump the clutch. its not an auto! lol..
dont be afraid to slip the hel out of that clutch. they last a while, have alot of adjustment before they are toast and the pads are cheap and one of the easiest things to service.. you can convert it if you want. they have a kit. looks lame tho.

ok so the tire has some angled black scuffs from the chain?? thats pretty normal imo.. as long as they are just marks and not gouges. that chain moves all over the place and when off throttle in coast with the engine enguaged the loose side of the chain flops all over. its ok if its not wearing into the tire. just marks are ok and you will need special parts to fix that like offset motor mounts. if you just move the rear sprocket you are just puting it out of alignment. you will have to move the motor also. you can tey to tighten the chain a bit with the tensioner. that may help
awesome. sooo i think i was getting confused with the terms of choke being OPEN or CLOSED. becuse on other threads ppl talked about pushing the choke DOWN, which im now thinking meant the lever, not DOWN as in actually closing the choke. I just thought about it differently in my head and thats what got me confused.

SOOOO for one final clarification....

Starting the bike, you want the choke CLOSED (as in lever up?)
THen after it starts, you OPEN the choke (as in lever down) allowing more fuel to the engine?

Haha this just seems counter intuitive to me, cause wouldnt you want as much fuel going to the engine at the startup as possible?? that was my thought process on that. lol. however, it has been starting fine with the choke wide open, so i guess no worries.

the whole idle thing was a result of me riding around with the choke CLOSED, which was messing with my idle, and made me think I had more issues than I actually do. hahah, live and learn.

as for the black glad to know its happening to you too. I was worried about it. altho mine are a little bit bigger and darker than yours, there is definitely no actual dents in the wheel. I can see when im riding, the chain bounces around like crazy. so im sure thats all it is.

I am cruising in San Diego!!! Kinda of a long way from Monterey I believe. ahaha. but i'd be down if youre ever in the area..
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