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Default Re: The Wally-Banger Special build

hey all

just an update:

i installed the new #41 chain and replaced the crummy stock bike chain

the chain is so thick it cant fall between the sprocket and spokes

i nolonger need a chain tensioner
i actually got it to start!

the chain rubbs my left side chain and seat stays =/ but it isnt too bad, more like guiding the chain then rubbing
im going to leave it be

this stock cranbrooke is the most comfortable ride i have, definatly a cruiser

the next step it to figure the silly "speed carb" out
ive tried for near a miles worth of pedaling to get it to idle and its not working out, im going to have to seal the crap out of the manifold to the carb

compare the chains!
this is the single best upgrade ive done to my bike

it was near 16 bucks for two bikes worth of chain

anyone have tips for this red cover carb? it has two screws on it to adjust fuel and air, and i cannt seem to get it to work right
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