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Default engine wont start!!

so i finally got all the parts together on my bike but the engine wont start.

earlier,i was pedaling hard and trying to make it start,but i forgot about the primer so it didnt start.on the way back i hit a bump and the chain came off and broke,luckily it wasnt the one that came with the kit,so i still had that one to i can pedal easily,so im riding towards my house,and then i realize the bike has no brakes so i almost crash into a tree!(i had removed the coaster brakes wheel cause the sprocket wouldnt go on it,so i am using a wheel from a 10 speed bike)

READ HERE FOR PROBLEM:now i figure out how to prime and use the choke so i try to start it again,still nothing.i know it has spark cause i saw it the other day,not sure about fuel,but i put some drops of fuel in the cylinder and still nothing.
so the only thing i can think of is an AIR LEAK.I noticed when i got the kit there were gaps between the head of the engine and where it attached to the rest of the engine.I CAN SEE THE HEAD BOLTS!!!.ALL of them.The head gasket isnt bieng pinched ,its just sitting there!
Anyways ill try to put some pictures and hopefully someone can help me.
in this picture you can see the gap ,especially on the right side.

EDIT:I got it to start!!i held the throttle and it started,then i adjusted idle screw so now it idles too.
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